Simple SQL Server Version Control

Tracking changes for projects is very important and allows us to revert back to previous versions. There is out-of-the box software to handle source control, but not all environments are equipped or disciplined enough to handle full version control–especially SQL objects, which can be changed with a simple F5 while applications are running. In the […]

Comparing SQL Server Tables – Columns & DataTypes

Recently I was working on a project that had many different input tables that needed to be filtered into one. I’ve worked on similar projects before and it’s usually not too bad to compare a few tables. But this time, with so many different tables, using my normal approach would have been too time-consuming. I […]

When Values Aren’t Values: NULL Handling in Qlik

Qlik Sense Hub

It’s funny how much trouble can be caused by nothing. Because we cannot see it, the absence of a value is often overlooked in a data set. In Qlik, missing values play a key role in representing relationships (or the lack thereof) between entities. It’s important to deal with them appropriately. When handling common cases […]

SQL Server PIVOT and UNPIVOT – with Sample Code

This article will go over how to transform distinct column values into columns and transform columns into distinct column values using the PIVOT and UNPIVOT function. There are 2 different ways to use these functions – static and dynamic. The static approach is used when the distinct columns or column values are known. If the […]