John Daniel Associates, Inc. has been in business since 1996. We specialize in Performance Management, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solutions. Our team is awesome – fully certified consultants who help our customers in the healthcare, finance, energy, manufacturing, retail, and transportation industries, to name a few. We have pretty awesome clients, too – they span the Fortune 500 to SMB segments.

Our proprietary process, VantagePointSM, allows us to quickly deliver solutions with our clients. Proven success in using our iterative design, development, and deployment methodology, our customers are usually looking at a first-pass of their solution in a day or so.

  • We bring in-depth knowledge of our partner technologies, coupled with leading industry and operational solutions to our clients.
  • We literally wrote the book on the IBM Cognos 8 and 10 Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Our Qlik partnership provides a robust analytics solution that allows our clients to easily see information they never thought possible. Really fast, too!
  • Vena Solutions gives our Office of Finance clients a robust Forecast and Budgeting solution, while leveraging Excel as the front-end.  Staying in Excel, leveraging the power of Vena, it’s a win-win!

Our business is built on a service model of excellence. In simple terms, we truly care that our clients are successful – and we have had the privilege of helping many of them through our 20 years in business.

Excellent partners. Excellent team members. Helping our clients become stellar organizations by successfully leveraging Business Intelligence, Performance Management, and Analytics solutions.

John Daniel Associates – Proven for 20 years.  How can we help you?

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