Love Excel? Then you'll love this.

Vena turns ordinary Excel into an extraordinary enterprise solution.

We partnered with Vena for a very specific reason.  Our clients were asking us for a cloud offering that delivers a performance management solution, to include budgeting and forecasting.  And – they wanted to keep the spreadsheets that they love and are comfortable with.  Vena made perfect sense.

81% of companies that already have a CPM solution supplement it with spreadsheets.

Vena lets our clients keep what they love. Embrace Excel rather than replace it. Easy, right?

It’s an easy-to-use and rapidly deployed solution that leverages native Excel.  It can be adopted by any organization that wishes to leverage spreadsheet-intensive finance and business processes while enabling enterprise scale performance.

One of our clients who has deployed Vena states:
“It exceeded our expectations, and what you say is true – our users love that they are still in Excel. It is quickly extending beyond our office of finance.”

Get the best of both worlds – Vena augments native Excel with control, audit, security and reporting capability of an enterprise CRM solution.