Qlik NPrinting

Reporting with Qlik

Most organizations still require standard reporting options for business users. 

NPrinting enables organizations to create great looking reports quickly, in a variety of popular formats including Office and pixel perfect (.PDF), using data and analytics from QlikView and Qlik Sense. Report distribution with NPrinting ensures either through centralized scheduling and distribution or on-demand access.  NPrinting can serve as a single system for both interactive analytics and reporting, allowing organizations to retire redundant systems and save significant costs.

Create great-looking reports. Fast.

Develop great looking reports using data, analytics, and visualizations from Qlik. Reports can be created in a variety of popular formats including Office documents (PowerPoint, Excel, and Word), highly polished pixel perfect reports, and HTML reports for web publication. Report construction is straightforward and powerful, with drag-and-drop simplicity, built-in report editors, and advanced pixel-perfect formatting, banding, and scripting. NPrinting reports can include information from multiple Qlik apps, allowing for more global views of information.

Distribute the right reports to the right people

Organizations can centrally schedule, generate, and deliver reports to a variety of recipients, with filtered information customized to the user. Reports can be scheduled or run conditionally, encrypted for secure distribution, and delivered through a variety of channels including email, file transfer, and web.

Drive reporting efficiences

The same Qlik data model is used for both analysis and reporting. Data discovery can be promoted through live links to Qlik apps in reports. More confidence. Less complexity. Cost Savings. It’s good stuff.

Qlik GeoAnalytics

Many important organizational decisions such as site selections, resource allocations, or delivery times depend on location information.  Maps provide visual context that help Qlik customers make correct, informed decisions involving location.

  • Analyze geospatial relationships (and uncover non-relationships)
  • Choose from a comprehensive selection of GeoAnalytic operations
  • Blend internal and external sources in calculations

Improve understanding.

Qlik can now increase data relatability.  Mapping is a familiar environment to most users.  With the ability to quickly show cartographic information, users gain insight into patterns not easily interpreted through tables or charts to better understand the whole story that lives within their data.

  • Seamlessly drill down into geographic areas.  Use different visualizations in the drill down levels
  • Multiple layers and visualization types
  • Manage information dense maps that contain thousands of points


Improve productivity.

With the ability to instantly supplement location data such as cities and countries with the necessary geo information, any Qlik user can now add rich, interactive geo visualizations to their Qlik apps. And because all of Qlik’s mapping products and tools run on the same platform, customers can easily expand their mapping solution by building upon their existing implementation.

  • Build maps quickly and easily without coordinates, using country, county, zip codes or simply place names
  • Define visualizations using measures and expressions
  • Draw lines and arcs between locations

Customized Authentication Script

This application allows for single sign on by resolving multiple sources of authentication to web tickets. This allows authenticated users from multiple directory sources access to QlikView® and Qlik® Sense.

For demo or details on acquiring the Customized Authentication Script contact Janet Amos Pribanic via email at janeta@johndaniel.com
or via phone: 412-787-8422 x153



This application allows QlikView and Qlik Sense server deployments using Active Directory Authentication to easily support Header authentication from third party sources alongside their Active Directory with a custom login page. The application supports the use of multiple authentication sources by using Header authentication in QlikView and Qlik Sense.

  • Supports single sign-on from third party sources
  • Users can be directed into Access Point or directly into a document
  • Supports round robin authentication against multiple sources from a single login page
  • Users can be authenticated against multiple existing authentication sources (LDAP, Active Directory or Database)
  • Utilizes the Qlik Web Ticket predefined API to handle authenticating users


  • .NET 3.5 or higher
  • IIS
  • QlikView Server 11.0, 11.2 or Qlik Sense Enterprise

Product Type:



Non-industry specific

Job Function:

Non-job function specific

QlikView versions compatible with this product:

Qlik Sense, 11.2, 11.0, 11.0 SR1, 11.0 SR2, 10.0, 9.0, OEM