Analytics Solutions

These are our technology partners, and our clients drive these technologies to make them the best- informed users in the business.

Fast, cloud-based financial planning and data analytics solutions that embrace Excel as the front end.

Patient Costing Overview

Drive visibility where there previously was none. “Search” your data to find what you need when you need it.

Make business planning and growth easy with Planning Analytics (TM1) and robust reporting solutions with Cognos Analytics.

Customized Software Applications

Customized applications are sometimes the best way to give your business exactly what it needs for enhanced information visibility.  You can build just what you need, and it does not need to be difficult.   We build customized applications with our clients so they have exactly what they need.

There is a lot of tech noise out there.  Navigate well, and partner with someone who has your company, your people, and your objectives for better information front and center.

Vena Solutions

Budgeting and forecasting dashboard in Vena Solutions

Leverage Excel

Couple Excel's front-end with the critical processes and business logic required for a successful FP&A strategy.

User Adoption

Finance and non-finance users alike can easily use Vena.


Manage your organization's FP&A processes while leveraging a robust cloud platform.

Built-In Workflow

Compliance has never been easier with Vena's built-in workflow.

Audit Every Cell

No more guessing. Every single cell is audited.

Real-Time Reporting

A favorite for month-end close.

Qlik Sense

Easy-To-Use Analytics

Every user in your organization will have better information for decision making.

Cloud Based

An analytics cloud platform for every user in the enterprise.

Supply Chain Inventory & Product Availability Item Analysis
Patient Costing Overview

Data transformation

Data and analytics improves every decision and helps solve challenging problems.

Real-Time Data Integration

Close the gap between data, insight and action.

IBM Cognos

Enterprise Analytics

Robust Analytics for every user in an enterprise on prem or cloud.

Enterprise Reporting

IBM leads the reporting space. Easy to build, easy to deploy reporting.

Planning Analytics

Forecast and budgeting to manage the most sophisticated FP&A processes.

Data Modeling

Business users need data modeled for their needs. IBM makes that easy.