IBM Cognos Analytics – Conditional Notifications

IBM Cognos Analytics – Conditional Notifications

Bryan Scheck  Business Analytics Specialist  John Daniel Associates, Inc.  Bryan’s Profile Recently I was asked by a client to setup notifications for a daily report output. This is a routine request that can be addressed within the Cognos portal by creating and scheduling a job for the report. The unique challenge presented in my case however was that the client wanted results to be emailed […]

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BI Proactive: Four Common Sense Tips for Business Intelligence Implementation Success

David Toole Business Analytics Specialist John Daniel Associates, Inc. David’s Profile Each business intelligence initiative comes with a unique set of challenges and obstacles that must be overcome before reaching the proverbial golden analytics palace on the hill; where the reporting is accurate, the discoveries are actionable, and the ROI flows like wine. While no two implementation journeys are the same, there are indeed several […]

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