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Information Technology

CIOs are best positioned to understand, articulate, and drive value to the business using data – but they must partner with their businesses to do so successfully. 

Data has become a core strategic asset in most organizations, and management of that data via performance management, business analytics, and business intelligence has become a top priority for most C-suite leaders.

Without a clear vision and outcome-based metrics to guide executives’ strategies and decisions, data-transformation projects can drag on for years.

Businesses must generate analytics-based insights much faster than that. They need a coordinated but simple program that explicitly involves the business and can be deployed across multiple functions and business units.

A critical principle of leveraging information for business value is joint ownership. Interactions between business units and the IT organization in most companies are typically limited to business requests and IT solutions thrown back and forth over a wall separating the two. To successfully deploy an agile data approach, representatives from the business side need to physically sit with members of the IT organization. Having them in the same room can help break down cultural barriers—businesspeople can learn more about technology, and IT managers may be exposed to more elements of the business.

As an IT leader, you have extensive demands from the business – but your knowledge of the data is key to successful deployment of any information “asset” deployment – whether it be simple reporting, enterprise analytics, or performance management solutions in the office of Finance.

John Daniel Associates’ team members often bridge IT and the business to help deliver the best possible solution for our client’s needs. 

We can help you with:

  • BI Readiness and Analytics planning
  • Performance Management, to include reporting and analytics solutions deployment
  • Team development for ongoing success
  • Data preparedness (mart, lake)

Our technology partners, coupled with our expert services, enable our clients to get better information for their business faster.