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Finance professionals require budgeting and forecasting solutions that deliver key information for financial operations.

Many in finance still struggle with financial reporting and FP&A activities. But the market is filled with tools these teams can use to manage and deploy budgeting and forecasting solutions.

Most finance organizations prefer an interface like Excel, because they know it and love it. John Daniel Associates’ partnership with Vena Solutions lets our clients keep the spreadsheets they love, while at the same time leveraging the full potential of Excel. It provides a user-friendly planning and forecasting solution. One that doesn’t require you to waste your time creating manual Excel spreadsheets. It also gives finance ownership of the solution, and that is a big win for any team.

You can audit Excel.

Our Vena clients experience a low learning curve for all required enterprise financial controls.  Additionally, the ability to manage complex business rules and calculations is easily configured and deployed within the Vena solution. For example, users can manage financial reporting, visualizations, and distribution with ease within the Vena platform.

Budgeting And Forecasting with IBM Cognos Analytics

Our partnership with IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Analytics also helps clients manage the complexity of automating manual FP&A processes while delivering the structure and workflow necessary for an enterprise planning initiative. These easy to use models incorporate your business drivers, which helps facilitate an effective, user-friendly budgeting and forecasting solution. Couple that with rich reporting and visualizations, and now the finance team is delivering exceptional value to the enterprise with the ability to deliver flexible, fluid forecast and planning solutions.

We help our clients navigate the murky, often manual FP&A process to deliver a clear vision for your organization.  Call us today.  Together we can build a successful strategy to help execute your vision.

IBM Cognos delivers robust reporting and analytics.