Business Performance Implementation

Business Intelligence Implementation

Business performance should really be much easier to measure.  After all, it is the substance of a business’ success.  Over the years, the terms Business Intelligence, Performance Management, and even Business Analytics are all really driving an enterprise toward the same goal – leveraging technology that supports easier visibility about business performance. It enables and changes the way decisions are made.

An initial implementation will evolve as an organization’s competencies mature.  We call this progression a BI journey.

Our first meeting with a new prospect typically begins with “We have the data we need; we just can’t get it out as usable information.” How can that be?  Well – access to key information should be easier, and it can be, but it will require a true partnership with IT and the Business.  And that’s where we come in – we help both IT and the business on their journey. 

As we begin this journey, we encourage our clients to “start small”, and consider the following:

  1. What segment of your business will have the greatest return to your organization with better information?
  2. Where does that information reside for the selected segment?
  3. So now we have a business segment, and defined data – let’s build a prototype and review (validate) the data.
  4. Deployment – be patient here – iterative development works best for the business, and it’s worth getting right!

Remember – everyone benefits in a well-performing company. Insight to that performance is critical and will enable you to make adjustments as necessary- quicker, better, and faster than your competition.

Good luck on a successful journey!