John Daniel Associates delivers Business Intelligence and Business Analytics solutions to our clients, and we have done so for nearly 25 years. 

Business users can leverage solutions such as Qlik, IBM Cognos, and Vena to easily access information via analytics, dashboards, or reports that are critical to running their business.

Departmental solutions such as Finance, Sales, HR, Supply Chain, or Operations can finally engage with the data they need for decision making. Answering questions with trusted information, our enterprise analytics solutions provide governance and controls that are critical for compliance regulations.

Our clients trust us to advise them. They trust our technical expertise to deliver Business Intelligence solutions that they can use every day without depending on someone else to prepare the data for them.

John Daniel Associates are recognized leaders in Business Analytics, FP&A, and software applications designed for our clients’ specialized needs. Contact us today, and together we can determine if business partnership will help your company achieve its goals. 

Qlik, formally known as QlikTech, is a leader in the business discovery market and a pioneer in natural analytics. Qlik’s product suite, which is enterprise scalable, satisfies the need for a more flexible and simpler end-user experience. It provides our clients with powerful analytics that drive high value solutions into their organizations.

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Vena Solutions provides a cloud-based Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution. Vena is a proven, powerful solution that enables clients to continue using Excel for all of their spreadsheet-intensive finance and accounting business processes, while also benefiting from the features of an enterprise-class CPM solution.

John Daniel Associates has been delivering IBM Business Intelligence and Business Analytics solutions since 1996. We belong to an elite group of IBM solution-focused software business partners. As such, we architect, design, and implement industry-focused, integrated solutions leveraging the IBM software suites of business analytics and information management.