Use a Variable in a TM1 TI Process SQL Statement to Filter on Input from a User

Variables can be used in a variety of ways in Turbo Integrator processes. The use of variables can increase efficiency by making the administration of your TM1 model easier. Variables can also play a role in providing an end-user with the ability to perform administrative tasks similar to typical user input. Many times SQL statements […]

TM1 Best Practices: The Power of Using Global Parameter Flags

TM1 is a completely customizable solution for budgeting and forecasting. It is extremely robust and flexible, but with that comes complexity. Two of the biggest challenges my customers face are the amount of time it takes to prepare their budgets and forecasts, especially if they are responsible for rolling monthly forecasts, and how difficult it […]

A Report Developer’s Guide to Sanity

IBM Cognos Report Studio is a tremendously flexible and useful application for querying and presenting data in a multitude of forms. From crosstabs to graphs, details or summaries, sales reporting to financial statutory reporting, Report Studio is both powerful and versatile. Due to its expansive feature set and extensibility, every report developer will have their […]

Documentation Tips for Report Studio

Report Studio Documentation Have you ever opened an existing report in Report Studio and blundered through the many components of the layout and queries wondering where the best place is to start trying to understand how it all comes together to form the output? If you’re a report developer, I’ll bet that you have. Report […]