A Pittsburgh-based Business Analytics company, John Daniel Associates helps organizations implement Vena Solutions, Qlik, and IBM Cognos.  We also build customized software applications for clients that require a specific solution. 

Every client wants one thing. They want visibility to the performance indicators in their business that can help them plan and manage their business the best way possible.  Planning for growth, planning for decline, and its impact on their products, services, and employees. Business Intelligence and Business Performance journeys require understanding that issues need solved now, while maintaining a vision for the future. Our goal is to help you establish confidence in the technology, process, and training your people so that you may ultimately own your solution. 

Evaluating software solutions and planning a successful deployment and subsequent training plan are critical steps in the BI journey. You may be considering Business Intelligence for the first time, or perhaps extending your current solution.

Like many of the winning teams that hail from Pittsburgh, our team are some of the best in the industry. 

Business Performance Management

Implementing Business Performance Management solutions provides businesses with insights that give them faster, more accurate information about their business performance.  It eliminates complex manual financial processes.

John Daniel Associates implements Vena Solutions for clients looking to leverage Excel as a front-end for their FP&A processes and whose objective is to deploy a cloud-based solution.  FP&A teams are empowered with Excel’s front-end coupled with Vena’s powerful enterprise engine.  Finance leaders are accelerating information visibility within their organizations for critical decision making.

Additionally, IBM Cognos Planning Analytics implementations help our clients manage and organize their FP&A processes while integrating robust reporting and analytics with the Cognos Analytics solution.  Visibility to financial KPI’s and flexibility around those processes helps users coordinate their organization.  It also simplifies complex planning and forecasting challenges, letting finance leaders make decisions about their business rather than chasing data.

Organizations with successful BPM strategy and execution will leverage solutions such as Vena and IBM Cognos to address the following:

  • Streamline Budget or Forecast Processes
  • Drive Strategic Planning
  • Produce Forecast Accuracy
  • Integrated Reporting and Dashboards
  • Integrate Financial Data
  • Automate Regulatory Reporting

Data Warehousing Solutions

Frequently implemented with a Business Analytics strategy, a successful Data Warehouse implementation will deliver better outcomes for your business by bringing disparate data sources together faster. This gives your business the foundation for reporting and analytics needed for critical decision making.  

Whether cloud-based or on premise, the Data Warehouse makes analytics easier for the business.  IT efficiencies will take the challenge of messy, “dirty” data and deliver a flexible and scalable solution that is purpose-built for the business. 

 Successful implementations will focus on three fundamental concepts:

  1. Information value focused on the business need.
  2. Dimensionally structured data that is delivered to the business via analytics, queries or reports.
  3. Iterative development in manageable life-cycle increments.


John Daniel Associates provides Data Warehouse implementations to our mid-market and enterprise clients.  Our clients span many industries (healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing) and business functions (finance, sales, operations).

Staff Augmentation

Finding good people to contribute on your team is hard work. We make that easier for our clients. If you need some help with your Business Intelligence or Performance Management initiative, engage people who know it best. We will help you staff your project while one of our senior team members provides additional support. Extended assistance with a larger project, an employee on leave, or just a little extra bandwidth is sometimes needed by our clients. We are a great partner for staff augmentation services because we assure that our client is supported by our most senior stagg. You would not call your mechanic to plumb your house, would you? Of course not – you want the best resource for your need. We can help.

Deployment Methodology

We’ve learned a lot since 1996. Great team members and great clients have enabled us to leverage many client wins. VantagePoint is our proven deployment methodology. Our clients get where they need to be with their Business Performance deployment faster. The philosophy is start small. Take an area of your business that needs information now. Prove out that subject area, and get the small win. Build on that small win and extend to other areas of the business. That first win is typically measured in days. It is the most rewarding part of our practice – that moment when the business and IT come together and say “AHA! This is awesome. We have the answer and it has saved us tons of time to get here.” It may be sales, finance, operations, supply chain, etc. Identify. Gather. Build. View. Deploy. Five simple steps. You know how it goes after taking that first step – it’s always easier.