Hospitality organizations face many challenges, from competitors, economic and political factors, and global environmental issues, to shifts in customer habits and attitudes.

Running a successful hospitality business involves retaining current customers and attracting new guests, all while conducting the careful analysis and proper interpretation of historical and real time data, including transactions, costs, customer satisfaction, vacancy rates, employee salaries and turnover, seasonal fluctuations, competitor prices, and more. For larger enterprises, extending into new and emerging markets requires in-depth analysis, forecasting, and strong global data management.

John Daniel Associates enables hospitality companies to:

  • Manage revenue and understand price optimization trending
  • Analyze room maintenance and inventory allocation, food, and beverage controls
  • Offer products and services that match customer preferences
  • Target different cross-sell and up-sell offers based on prior purchase behavior
  • Track performance of venues such as room bookings, dining, entertainment, and retail outlets, to determine the percentage contribution to total revenue
  • Analyzes a variety of business revenue drivers such as room availability, occupancy rate, multi-level discounts, and more