Analytics is driving outcomes in healthcare.

Analytics empowers healthcare workers with information they need for optimal patient and operational results. As focus shifts from EHRs to reduced cost with better outcomes, data analytics is the driver for providers and payers alike. It is not about collecting better information. It is about getting answers to questions that the data presents. Reports tell us what has already happened. Dashboards that highlight critical performance measurement, coupled with analyzing the information delivered in the report can give us the reason behind what has happened. This promotes improved outcomes, which ultimately reduces costs.

Below are a few areas of healthcare where analytics are being leveraged:

  • Physician Operations (PO)
    • Physician performance, contract evaluation, compliance
  • Surgical
    • OR scheduling, Patient tracking, SCIP measurement
  • ED
    • Patient throughput, Admit Decision Time, Time to Pain Management
  • Payer Analysis
  • Clinical Pathways
    • Length of stay, Time to first order, Time to administer