Sales & Marketing

Sales professionals want visibility to customer performance. How profitable is my customer? How do I find more profitable customers? What products are my customers buying and are they extending product lines from my organization?

Sales managers want to measure sales performance. How are my reps performing as compared to their forecasts? How are my territories performing as compared to last year (or any prior period)?

Marketing leaders want insight to campaign performance and lead effectiveness. What is our most successful lead generation campaign? Marketing budgets tend to be very large and the accountability for business opportunity against that budget requires insight to information.

The above paragraphs are small examples of questions our clients seek answers to every day. They are challenged with access to the information needed to answer the question and are highly accountable for those answers. These professionals need easy and often mobile access to sales performance information.

JDA can help you monitor key performance measures, analyze trends which give you advanced warning of shortfalls, and put your efforts into areas where you know you’ll get the greatest impact.

Solutions for Sales & Marketing:

  • Sales by customer, region, rep, manager, product, product lines, etc. down to the invoice line
  • Sales Performance
  • Market Saturation Percentage
  • Population