Information Technology

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IT’s role in a successful BI deployment requires a multitude of insight.

Data access, support of the business function, security, and scalability are just a few of the roles IT plays in most deployments.

The IT organization requires assurance of data integrity and cooperation with existing process to make certain the business’ needs are met while supporting a BI initiative.

John Daniel Associates’ team members work closely with our client’s IT professionals to assure a more efficient and better performing future. Maximizing the use of governance tools and sharing best practice techniques helps our IT users deliver meaningful, cost-saving solutions to their business.

JDA can help you with:

  • Effective data modeling
  • Deployment of tool’s strengths
  • Optimal management of administrative tasks
  • Data Warehouse solutions

Solutions for Information Technology:

  • IT Analytics
  • Forecast & Budgeting
  • Standard IT Reporting