Finance professionals require solutions that deliver key information for financial operations.

Finance professionals are often challenged with bringing clarity from the mass of data generated within their organization. Today’s finance leaders are faced with challenges of intense manual processes, which do not provide critical insight to the performance of their organizations.

Enabling solutions which provide the office of finance with insight to forecast performance, accurate and automated reporting, and visibility for collaboration have proven difficult. In short, the finance organization cannot get out from under the manual generation of reports to better analyze the actual performance of the enterprise.

The following questions are easily answered by finance leaders when successful business intelligence and discovery solutions are in place.

  • How are we performing year over year?
  • How are we performing as compared to budget?
  • Are we in line with shareholders expectations?

John Daniel Associates has helped numerous organizations and their financial departments answer these questions. By understanding the unique needs of the office of finance, we work together to implement financial reporting and analytics solutions critical to your business.

JDA can help you:

  • Streamline your financial consolidation processes
  • Provide relevant and timely key performance metrics to all stakeholders
  • Increase data integrity and quality of decision making

Solutions for Finance:

  • Financial Analytics
  • Forecast & Budgeting
  • Standard Financial Reporting