Deployment Methodology

VantagePoint – 21 years of proven success of our exclusive deployment methodology

VantagePoint is our proven deployment methodology, and it gets our clients where they need to be with their BI deployment. The philosophy is to start small. Take an area of your business that needs information now. Prove out that subject area, and get the small win. Build on that small win and extend to other areas of the business. That first win is typically measured in days.

We’ve learned a lot in 21 years. Great team members and great clients have enabled us to leverage many BI wins.

It is the most rewarding part of our practice – that moment when the business and IT come together and say “AHA! This is awesome. We have the answer and it has saved us tons of time to get here.” It may be sales, finance, operations, supply chain, etc.

Identify. Gather. Build. View. Deploy. Five simple steps. You know how it goes after taking that first step – it’s always easier.

Deployment Methodologyvantagepoint