Our clients are some of the smartest people we know.

Data is complex. 

Getting the answers you need from your data should not be complex.





How many hours do you spend manually dumping data to Excel, manipulating data, looking for answers – answers to important questions about your business’ performance?

We understand this feels overwhelming which is why we have successfully helped our clients solve complex data challenges enabling better decisions for 20+ years.
We’ve helped over 200 clients we call “partners” to give them the insight to solve their most important information challenges.















“Once again, not only did you meet our expectations with the Qlik Sense initiative, but you hit it out of the park!”

…CIO, Large Pharmaceutical Company

Deployment: John Daniel Hosted 6 months, migrated to client production, 50 Users


“John Daniel Associates and the Qlik solution have changed how we do business. You are a partner to us, not a vendor.” (QlikView and Qlik Sense)

… VP Technology, Fortune 100 Logistics Company (Pharmaceutical Logistics)

Deployment: dual cluster large deployment, over 500 Users


“John Daniel Associates and QlikView are directly responsible for improved information visibility in our ED and Surgical departments. The John Daniel team was exceptional.”

… Chief Medical Officer, mid-size Children’s Hospital

Deployment: mid-size deployment extended to large deployment of 500 Users


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Technology Partners

John Daniel Associates maintains a close working relationship with select technology partners to ensure that our consultants always have the right tools and the right training to provide our clients with a total solution, regardless of their primary technology platform. Each of our technology partners is held to the same standard of excellence. Qlik, IBM, and Vena have extensive experience in all business areas and this gives us access to unique support, expertise and quality assurance.


Love Excel? Then You’ll Love This. Vena turns ordinary Excel into an extraordinary enterprise solution. We partnered with Vena for a very specific reason.  Our clients were asking us for a cloud offering that delivers a performance management solution, to include budgeting and forecasting.  And – they wanted to keep the spreadsheets that they love and are comfortable with.  Vena made perfect sense. 81% of […]

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Further Optimization Techniques

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Apply SSL Certificate on Qlik Sense Deployment

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Dan Volitich says: Whose data is it anyway?

Dan Volitich says: Whose data is it anyway?

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